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Logic Pro / Abelton Live

Twice a week

Pod Afterhours

‘The Music Production’ program is the perfect path for the bedroom producer looking to take his/her music and creativity to the next level.  Choose the software you’re comfortable with and our faculty will guide you with all the right tools to becoming a great producer.


1 Month | 8 Sessions 

Twice a week

Pod practice hours

‘The Ultimate DJ’ program is designed to simplify and help you become comfortable with the process of Djing. We teach the exact same way in which we learnt; getting into the absolutely necessary theoretical concepts but stressing more on practice and using your creativity to achieve your DJing goals. 


Piano | Guitar | Drums

Twice a week

Unlock the world of music with our Instrumental program, tailored for all age groups starting as young as 4 years old. Our program is a refreshing break from traditional music education, prioritizing the joy of playing real instruments and instilling a lifelong love for music. Our mentors, experienced and dedicated, offer a unique mentorship-style teaching approach, fostering a collaborative environment, while we emphasize artistic freedom. Our mentors are also equipped to prepare students for any exams they may wish to undertake, ensuring a well-rounded musical education that caters to every aspiration.



Group sessions
Twice a week
30 Minutes each

Our music program for Kids is designed for our youngest students (mainly 4- to 6 year-olds). This music program for toddlers and preschoolers features a special curriculum where students play games and participate in other interactive activities to help them internalize the foundational skills they will use as their musical abilities grow. The students have 2 weekly group lessons in which they use classic songs to learn about rhythm, song structure, melody, and dynamics through play.


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