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  • Where are you located?
    We are currently located only in South Point Mall, Gurugram - Haryana.
  • What age do you begin classes?
    There is a certain minimum age requirement for certain instruments, but experience shows us that all students are unique and general rules might not be valid in every situation. We always recommend a trial class to evaluate the child's specific situation. We do, however, recommend beginning after the age of four to get the most out of your lessons.
  • What style of music is taught at Kamp1 School of Music?
    Western classical. We teach pop, rock, jazz and classical music. Tell your instructor about the type of repertoire you are interested in and your instructor will tailor the lesson content accordingly.
  • What programs do you offer at Kamp1?
    At Kamp1 we teach the following programs - Music Production/Composing, DJ, Bass, Guitar, Piano and Drums.
  • How long is a class?
    Classes for students aged 4-8 are 30 minutes or 45 minutes long. Classes for students above 8 are 60 minutes long. Kamp1 believes lessons shorter than 30 minutes are not effective.
  • Does Kamp1 offer group lessons?
    No. Kamp1 offers private and duo lessons but larger group classes are not offered so as to focus on the individual and his/her musical training. Every student has his/her own talent and learning speed.
  • Are your classes online?
    All our programs are offline and at our headquarters in Gurugram.
  • Does Kamp1 offer at home lessons?
    No. Kamp1 doesn't offer at home lessons. All classes take place at the school in South Point Mall, Gurugram.
  • What is the frequency of classes?
    Classes at Kamp1 are on a twice a week basis. We do understand if that is not possible for you and can plan for once a week classes as well.
  • What if i dont/ my child doesnt have any musical background?
    No musical background is required to start taking classes at Kamp1 School of Music.
  • Is Kamp1 just for kids?
    No. Kamp1 offers classes to both children and adults.
  • What qualifications does Kamp1's faculty have?
    All our music instructors have graduated from prestigious schools in the India. They are also all performing musicians hence their academic background and stage experience make for more balanced lessons where theory and practice meet.
  • Can I rent out a practice room/pod?
    Yes. You can rent a practice room for a minimum of 8 hours to be used over 40 days and during available hours when Kamp1 does not have regular classes planned.
  • How does the examination system work?
    The music exams are graded from Grade 1 to 8 for all exams boards. Their is also a grade before the Grade-1, which is known as the Debut or Initial or Prep grade depending on the exam boards. Our faculty members are well equipped to train you for any exam you might wish to take whether it is trinity or rock school. Trinity college London offers practical exams twice in a year i.e - June/July and November/December.
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