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Sometimes going slow is the fastest way to go.

Karanvir Singh, Founder


Founded in 2016 by Karanvir Singh, Kamp1 School of Music is based in Gurugram, India. Inspired by a need to create a collaborative environment for musicians and artists to work together, we created an intimate space for learning. More than just a school we have been a community that provides guidance based on professional experience, motivation to peers and emotional support to upcoming artists. 

Kamp1 School of Music started with a focus on DJing and Music Production. As the years went by we added instrumental programs and evolved into a new age school championing a modern approach to music education.

Since we began, we have taught and mentored over 500 students from ages as young as 4 and as old as 78. In addition to teaching core concepts, our talented and experienced instructors tailor each class to the students unique needs. We strive to guide our students towards their individual and unique creative sound. 

Our leadership team at Kamp1 embodies a unique blend of business acumen, a deep passion for music, and a strong commitment to empowering children to succeed. We are committed to evolving over time and offer the most industry relevant programs. Our faculty members are constantly working to further the vision of Kamp1 to be the leading provider of quality music education in India.

Noor Shergill Singh

Co Founder and Head of Operations

Kunal Verma

Floor Manager 

Ishant Sharma

Graphic Designer


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